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Durham Arts Council's Success Story

Nonprofit Testimonials

  • Aside from VivaHub, there is nothing I can do — nothing — that's going to give me 500 new
    donors. Period. — Sherry DeVries Executive Director, Durham Arts Council
  • By simply emailing our VivaHub offers to my friends and coworkers, I was able to raise over $1,000 for my nonprofit, all by myself. — Tucker Bartlett Executive Vice-President, Community for Self-Help
  • The money we raised was great. But the visibility and reach our VivaHub campaign achieved was even greater. Reaching new supporters is everything. — Allison Newman Development Director, Caring House
  • We partnered with some of our favorite local spots. This made getting our whole board engaged easier, which meant a very successful campaign. — Jay Mebane Board President, Durham Arts Council